The survey of the Fisheries Organization of aquaculture about the veterinary health technical officials was a wrong action!

A few days ago, the Iranian Fisheries Organization, in a strange move (a survey by the veterinary community is a strange thing !!!), sent a letter to the General Directorate of Fisheries across the country, asking them to evaluate the quality of services of veterinary health officials of aquaculture farms. Who exactly are these critics then? Maybe the Veterinary Organization and the veterinarians who do not have a good income on this issue?), The purpose of this strange action (so strange that the act of polling seems unprecedented in the world! ), Has been the basis for eliminating the health supervision of health technical officials on aquaculture farms. (Of course, if there is supervision and supervision is done, it is also scientific, useful and practical.)

Of course, this kind of action is unprecedented, and last year, “Dr. Nabiullah Khonmirzaei,” the head of the Iranian Fisheries Organization, who is also a veterinarian (I wonder! That is, because he is a veterinarian, should not act against the interests of the veterinary community? In a letter to the then head of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, while proposing to remove the obligation of aquaculture units to employ a veterinary health technician, he demanded that the units not be required to pay veterinarians’ salaries based on the announced tariffs. (If the issue is public sector oversight, why do producers have to pay veterinarians !?)

In an interview with Hakim Mehr, Dr. Mehdi Soltani points out that one of the main consequences of this action is the unclear nature of the farmers’ duties (it is interesting that the breeders themselves are the main protesters against this issue) and says: “The next problem is the interference of duties and when There was overlap, there are many other problems, and it is not clear who should be held accountable. The veterinary organization should discuss the supervision and prevention that is part of its duties, and the fisheries organization should deal with the production sectors; “If these are to be replaced, the stone will not be tied to the stone.” (And then why should the manufacturer pay for this task of the veterinary organization when the inherent duty of the veterinary organization is to perform these monitoring and prevention correctly and accurately?)

Of course, the poll is a wrong and very strange action!

Source: shilatnews

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