The head of the Iranian Fisheries Organization announced:

Production of 1 million and 280 thousand tons of fishery products in the country.

Khonmirzaei, head of the Iranian Fisheries Organization, said: “The total fishery production in 1998 was more than one million and 280 thousand tons, which is ahead of the Sixth Development Plan.” Referring to the 40-fold increase in fishery production since 1957, the Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture said: “Per capita consumption of aquatic products has also increased with the growth of production, from one kilogram in 1957 to more than 13 kilograms in 1998.” Emphasizing that the increase in production in fisheries is due to the creation of infrastructure, studies and training of skilled manpower, he stated: All over the world, fishing and marine pressure has gone to aquaculture, and Iran has followed the same procedure. Khon Mirzaei added in this regard: “Fishing from the sea is considered Anfal and in case of illegal fishing, we will see irreversible damage.” We have witnessed the sustainability of fishing and the maintenance of employment in the fishing community; Also, refraining from excessive pressure on nearby resources and reserves and the development of fishing in extraterrestrial and distant waters, especially in the Indian Ocean, has been considered by the Iranian Fisheries Organization. The head of the Iranian Fisheries Organization, referring to the first rank of fishing in the west of the Indian Ocean by our country, reminded: 25th in aquaculture, 18th in farming, second in Indian ocean tuna and first in western Indian Ocean I have acquired.

First rank in salmon production

“We are the first in the world in the production of salmon in fresh and salt water; We are ranked 14th in the world in shrimp farming, third in the production of sturgeon meat and second in the world in the production of caviar. The Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, stating that in the last 20 years, we have witnessed an almost stable slope in the production of fishery products, said: “Production in fisheries has a comparative advantage and is highly profitable.” According to Khoon Mirzaei, one of the approaches of this organization is to develop aquaculture, especially in brackish waters, with a focus on shrimp farming. Shrimp farming has increased in recent years under the 11th and 12th governments, but what is to be hoped for this year is a major leap in production in this sector; At present, out of 200,000 hectares of suitable lands, we use only 12,000 hectares, of which 64,000 hectares have been handed over to investors. Emphasizing that if we can put 13,000 hectares of shrimp farming into operation by next year, he said: “By exploiting 25,000 hectares, we will be able to produce 100,000 tons.” We must also help prevent pressure on illegal fishing resources in coastal provinces.

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