About Us

About us:

The Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium includes 7 joint stock companies and hundreds of stakeholders. With a large investment in supply chain, value chain and logistics infrastructure, this consortium has been able to bring together investors and investors in this sector by bringing together a huge range of economic actors in the field of aquaculture, technology, design, packaging and processing.

The design, construction and development of strategic technologies required for the entire value chain of the aquaculture industry, and investment for the implementation of upcoming projects, along with the provision of technical, financial, legal and marketing knowledge services to stakeholders, are the focus of Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium managers. The management of such a large collection with the provision of various services and products requires a coherent and coordinated management structure. The board of directors of this consortium, relying on the structural capacities of the executive boards and specialized working groups, focuses on the implementation of planning, monitoring and control processes for efficient and fruitful management practices.

The consortium’s specialized departments act as a strategic arm for managing the areas under their responsibility, focusing on strategy, decision-making, performance appraisal, and problem-solving. There are currently six departments in the consortium, including the Research and Development Department, the Marketing Department, the Manufacturing Department, the Legal Department, the Finance Department, and the Education Department.

Specialized working groups, as consultative and participatory pillars, focus on creating a common understanding of current and future needs and systems, making desirable policies and decisions, and designing the necessary structures, and are responsible for decision-making in the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium.