Seven countries of destination of Khuzestan aquatic export consortium products

Ahwaz – IRNA – The CEO of the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium announced the designation of Russia, Belarus, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Ukraine and Iraq as the export destinations of the consortium’s products.

In an interview with IRNA on Saturday, Hassan Gharibzadeh said: “One of the important indicators in choosing these countries for trade was the lack of difficulty in transferring currency inland, and in terms of language, good political relations and taste.” Citizens of these countries can market and supply products. He added: “These countries can be very good gateways for the import and supply of aquatic products of Khuzestan province to other countries in the world.” Referring to the selection of Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium as the country’s top export consortium among 72 specialized consortia, he said: Khuzestan province in four areas of sugarcane and ancillary industries, dates and related industries, oil equipment manufacturers as well as aquatic and related industries in the country has There are comparative advantages. The CEO of Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium considered the creation of a value chain in the aquaculture sector necessary in order to develop productive and economic activities and said: “However, there are missing links in Khuzestan province due to lack of research and specialized activities in this sector.” He continued: “If these gaps are identified, the development of production activities based on the completion of the aquaculture value chain, will create suitable job opportunities in the province and ultimately lead to more currency for the country.” Gharibzadeh, pointing out that the relative fields are limited to the supply and sale of products in the domestic market, continued: “However, in order to generate currency for the country, it is necessary to pay attention to competitive advantages and exports of manufactured products.” The CEO of the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium stated: “Accordingly, this process required the creation of a specialized group in the field of exports that could create a proper organization in line with foreign trade activities in the aquatic sector.” Gharibzadeh, emphasizing on international marketing and marketing for products that have an export background, said: “For this purpose, the aquatic export consortium in the province with the membership of activists in this sector from among feed producers, juveniles, breeders and builders of dense and ultra-dense pools.” Was formed. According to him, this measure was taken in order to create specialized consortia in the country with regard to creating export advantages. The CEO of Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium reminded: for example, in Qazvin, a grape export consortium was formed, and in Malayer, a furniture export consortium was formed. Abzan Export of the province started its activity. He added: “For the prosperity and development of the activities of this consortium and the provision of services to the members, a specialized department of marketing, law, manufacturing, Arandi (research and development), education and finance was created.” Prospects for entering the markets of other countries Gharibzadeh, referring to the activities of the commercial office of the Aquatic Export Consortium in Oman and paving the way for the establishment of another commercial office in Russia, said: “At the same time, this consortium has a good knowledge of the Iraqi market.” , In coordination with the economic advisors of the Iranian embassies in Egypt and Qatar, we are monitoring information to better enter the market of these countries. He reminded: it is predicted that the consortium will enter the stock market within the next year. According to this report, marketing and guaranteed sale of products is one of the features of forming export consortia in the country. Out of a total of 1.3 million tons of aquatic production in the country, equivalent to 130,000 tons is supplied in Khuzestan.


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