Fish Meal

Dried fish meal as a protein source can be used for animal feed. This product is obtained by refilling with water, cooking and grinding fish or fish waste.

The fish meal is a important factor in in animal feed, poultry, and farm-raised fish considering the purity, freshness, high protein, amino Acids, minerals ( like calcium, copper, iron and phosphorus), vitamins like B2، B3، B4، B5، B12 and low free azot.

Averagely, fish meal quality is 60 to 70 percent protein, 2 to 14 percent fat,  6 to 12 percent moisture and 18 to 25 dust. The digestible value of the fish meal is more than 95%. As it has disciplined structure, enhancing the immune system to face disease, improving the fish quality, animals and poultry; Aquatic Export Consortium has the ability to produce and supply fish meal with the highest standards.