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Khuzestan Export Aquatic Consortium


Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium includes 7 shareholder companies and hundreds of real and legal persons. Packaging, processing and construction has been able to attract the attention of investors and investors to this sector.

The design, construction and development of strategic technologies required for the entire value chain of the aquaculture industry and investment for the implementation of upcoming projects, along with the provision of technical, financial, legal and marketing knowledge services to stakeholders, is the focus of Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium managers.




The Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium teaches skills directly related to the occupation and profession of breeding, processing, marketing and export. The importance of these trainings should be considered in the direct connection between education and employment. Fish farming, new processing methods, the role of machinery in processing are part of these trainings.

R & D

The research and development department is the heart of the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium and is seeking the role of technological nutrition and innovation of the consortium in line with the progress of science and knowledge and management demands.


In Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium, the purpose of constructing production ponds, construction of various structures and equipment for aquaculture, including concrete ponds, prefabricated pools with geomembrane coating, earthen pools with geomembrane coating and cage breeding infrastructure based on the technical knowledge of the consortium.


Legal experts of Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium can prepare the best contracts for our stakeholders and in addition to financial advantages, guarantee the reputation of our brand and business in the future.



Financial and accounting services is a service provided by the Consortium Finance Department and used by all shareholders and members of the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium. Therefore, it can be measured.



Marketing is the driving force of the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium. The most important activities of this department are: identifying threats and opportunities in the market, formulating market strategies and determining the needs and wants of customers.

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In the commemoration ceremony of August 12, 2016, the Day of Support for Small Industries, which was held in the form of a video conference with the Small Industries and Industrial Towns Organization of Iran, the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium was praised by the Deputy Minister of Silence and CEO

In this ceremony, the commendation plaque of the Small Industries Organization was awarded to Engineer Karim Chenaneh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium, for being selected from among the 72 export consortiums of the country by the CEO of Khuzestan Industrial Towns Company.

At the end of the ceremony, Akhlaq Mohammadian, CEO of Khuzestan Industrial Towns Company, thanked the members of the board of directors of the Aquatic Consortium.

Undoubtedly, the efforts of all members have been effective in this choice. And we have high hopes that with the help of God, these honors will continue and the aquaculture export consortium will be able to export and sell more aquaculture with the help of all stakeholders.