If we consider a project to be a set of related projects that, because of the benefits that come from their coordinated management, we need to manage them in a cohesive manner, not separately.

In Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium, we follow projects that have the following characteristics.

-Be development-oriented with technology

-Natural resources are not harmed by the implementation of the plan

Our projects can be jointly invested by those interested in this field and can also be presented to senior and doctoral students as dissertations and doctoral dissertations. So if you want to get rid of dissertations that are only going to get dirty in the university library, the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium offers you projects that can lead to wealth creation in the province and the country.

The following are some research projects of Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium in which masters and doctoral students can participate.

  1. Applied research in order to improve the processing and packaging of aquatic products for sale in domestic and foreign markets
  2. Investigation and development of robotic systems, intelligent assistant and IoT based systems, micro and nano in the field of aquaculture
  3. Optimal use of “Geographic Information System” (GIS) in the field of aquaculture and fisheries development