Water monitoring system

The role of water control in aquaculture is the most important aspect of aquatic growth, health and quality. Few breeders can be found that are not affected by changes in oxygen, temperature, etc. The perfishian water monitoring system helps us prevent harmful and irreparable events by sending regular and accurate information. Sustainable development of aquaculture requires the use of new techniques. One of the necessities of development in the aquaculture industry is the familiarity and synchronization of those involved in the art with the current knowledge along with mastering the basics of the technical mechanisms of the relevant system. Among them, precision aquaculture has a high position among high-tech technical and engineering services. Precise aquaculture includes a feedback loop with the following components:

  • Gathering information in the process of aquatic development and production
  • Receiving and measuring information for analysis of quantitative and qualitative components of water
  • Frequency of data collection in short periods of time
  • Reduce physical operations and the need for manpower
  • Analyze the data and then perform corrective actions in a timely manner for each of these components
  • Online notification on web and mobile

Items that are measured in this system:

  • Water temperature measurement
  • Measurement of oxygen in water
  • EC water measurement
  • Assessment of water-soluble nitrite
  • Assessment of water-soluble ammonia

The perfishian system builds a comprehensive, inexpensive, and efficient consortium. Fast and timely after-sales service is one of the strengths of this collection.