Water monitoring solution

The role of water control in aquatic production is the most important aspect of growth, health and quality. Aquaculture has a high position among high-tech technical and engineering services. Precise aquaculture consists of a feedback loop with the following components.

  • Gathering information in the process of aquatic development and production in short periods of time
  • Receive and measure information for analysis of quantitative and qualitative components of water
  • Reduce physical operations and the need for manpower
  • Analyze the data and then perform corrective actions in a timely manner for each of these components
  • Online notification on web and mobile

Our water monitoring system helps you prevent harmful and irreparable events by sending regular and accurate information.

Terms that is measured in this system:

  • Water temperature measurement
  • Measurement of oxygen in water
  • EC water measurement
  • Assessment of water-soluble nitrite
  • Assessment of water-soluble ammonia

The perfishian water monitoring system produced by the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium is comprehensive, inexpensive, and efficient.

Fast and timely after-sales service is one of the strengths of this collection.

Water monitoring system