Investment Partnership

The positive outlook for the aquaculture economy in the country in the coming years has opened the horizon for the stakeholders of the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium to be able to expand their activities further. The expansion and prosperity of economic activities will increase the demand for aquaculture. In addition, policies to stimulate demand in various sectors of society and increase the share of exports continue, and it is expected that this industry will become a highly competitive industry in the near future. The activities carried out to establish the Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium are a professional example of the efforts of stakeholders in this field and it is hoped that by continuing the consortium activities and facilitating and encouraging investment, the Khuzestan Aquatic Market will become the largest specialized aquatic complex in the country. Be.

Khuzestan Aquatic Export Consortium to identify capital opportunities with regard to the strategic issues of “Management and development of investment in active and inactive areas related to the consortium” and “Development and use of new financial institutions to strengthen investment in the consortium” Laying inside and outside the country. The implementation of projects with the participation of investors outside the group is also evaluated and in evaluating potential partners, core competencies and their capabilities such as the amount of technical, financial, managerial, credit capabilities and performance records of the partner are examined. In order to identify and meet the wants and needs of the partner in the project, close interactions take place through periodic meetings.

As an active investor, the consortium attracts a large number of domestic and foreign partners for the construction of dense, ultra-dense pools, new processing methods, transportation and feed of aquatic animals and other industrial projects in the field of aquatic products in the form of various investment methods.

The effectiveness of the partnership is evaluated according to the rules and regulations contained in the contract during the partnership period.

In general, the benefits of partnering with a consortium can be enumerated as follows:

  • High volume and capacity of consortium future investment projects
  • Future projects and their capacity
  • Possibility of joint management and partner aristocracy on the results in proportion to the share of the partners
  • Appropriate return on investment in consortium investment projects
  • Appropriate investment experience in completing the value chain cycle
  • Relatively good financial position of the consortium in Iran (assets and credit)
  • Existence of the whole value chain to the customer in the field of aquaculture within the consortium and the existence of internal controls in the group on this value chain and the possibility of offering competitive prices to customers
  • Ability to interact highly with the consortium with key decision-makers and legislators in the national interest and the interests of the consortium
  • The position of a suitable brand in the country and the possibility of using the capabilities of the consortium abroad and the existence of offices and consortium companies abroad as well as banking interactions
  • Suitable production capacity, facilities and equipment in the field of aquaculture and the existence of products ready for sale with short delivery time
  • Existence of commitment and professional ethics of business

Investment form

We invite start-ups, creative entrepreneurs and investors to take effective steps towards business development and the creation of shared values by working together and working together.

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